Five Forgotten/Almost Forgotten Coupes of Yesteryear

If you’re into cars, you probably have a favorite low slung coupe. Odds are it is one of the more popular models that can be found on your local roadways, in popular video games, or the main character’s car in a blockbuster movie (shout out to Paul Walker’s GT-R in 2 Fast 2 Furious!). But … Continue reading Five Forgotten/Almost Forgotten Coupes of Yesteryear

The Nissan Midsize/Compact: An Evolution

By: Ethan White (Ethan is the writer for Autonoch and a contributor to Average Car Enthusiast.) Once the cheapest car on the US market, the Nissan Versa is known for being as basic as transport can get. The Versa was designed to be well...versatile. But did you know that the Versa's roots can be traced … Continue reading The Nissan Midsize/Compact: An Evolution

Let’s Talk About the Mazda MX Line

Everyone knows Mazda’s Experiment - Project 5, the MX-5 Miata, as the company’s go to option for someone looking for a lightweight, rear-wheel drive convertible. The MX-5 has filled that slot for over twenty-five years, with the little roadster seeming to maintain popularity with both driving enthusiasts and the average consumer. There were two other … Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Mazda MX Line