The Nissan Midsize/Compact: An Evolution

By: Ethan White (Ethan is the writer for Autonoch and a contributor to Average Car Enthusiast.) Once the cheapest car on the US market, the Nissan Versa is known for being as basic as transport can get. The Versa was designed to be well...versatile. But did you know that the Versa's roots can be traced … Continue reading The Nissan Midsize/Compact: An Evolution

Toyota’s Performance Renaissance?

Everyone probably remembers back to the dark times of Toyota. Gone were the days of fun cars like the Supra and MR2, with monuments to boring practicality, such as the Matrix and every updated Prius, being rolled out to replace your excited gasps with yawns of pure disappointment. However, since the launch of the GT86/FR-S … Continue reading Toyota’s Performance Renaissance?

Fun With Four Doors: Four Sport Sedans under $10K

If you’re looking for an everyday driver that isn’t completely boring and gives you a bit of a thrill when driving to your soul sucking job, you’ve probably looked into sport sedans. They’re the best of both worlds. Performance generally associated with low-slung coupes and hot hatches, but the space of your standard grocery getter … Continue reading Fun With Four Doors: Four Sport Sedans under $10K

For Newer Enthusiasts – Hot Hatches are Practicality Meeting Performance

While not as popular as high horsepower muscle cars here in the US, the hot hatch class is an important staple of car culture. Everyone knows of the little hot hatches, and if you’re into performance driving, you’ve probably owned/driven one at some point. It kinda makes sense that most driving enthusiasts will have experience … Continue reading For Newer Enthusiasts – Hot Hatches are Practicality Meeting Performance

Seventh Gen Thunderbird: Nobody’s Favorite

Everyone has a favorite generation of their favorite car. It widely varies from person to person and car to car, but there is one thing that I’m fairly sure is constant. The seventh generation Thunderbird is nobody's favorite. I actually own a seventh generation Thunderbird and it still isn't my favorite generation of Thunderbird (that … Continue reading Seventh Gen Thunderbird: Nobody’s Favorite

Let’s Talk About the Mazda MX Line

Everyone knows Mazda’s Experiment - Project 5, the MX-5 Miata, as the company’s go to option for someone looking for a lightweight, rear-wheel drive convertible. The MX-5 has filled that slot for over twenty-five years, with the little roadster seeming to maintain popularity with both driving enthusiasts and the average consumer. There were two other … Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Mazda MX Line

Dear Chevy, Let’s Make a New Nova

With the markets changing and Chevrolet possibly discontinuing the much loved Impala badge, we think it might be time to bring back another classic Chevy model in a different way. We’re not saying just to rebadge Impalas and call them Novas. No, we’re talking about making a four door, rear-wheel drive, tourer based on the … Continue reading Dear Chevy, Let’s Make a New Nova