Performance and Sports Cars of the 1980s Pt. 1

Put on your jean jacket, freshen up that mullet, and pull your favorite He-Man action figure out of cold storage, because we’re going back to the 80s for this one! To most, the 80s are always going to be defined by hair metal, gigantic perms, and that weird invention called “video games” (or “Nintendo”, since … Continue reading Performance and Sports Cars of the 1980s Pt. 1

Seventh Gen Thunderbird: Nobody’s Favorite

Everyone has a favorite generation of their favorite car. It widely varies from person to person and car to car, but there is one thing that I’m fairly sure is constant. The seventh generation Thunderbird is nobody's favorite. I actually own a seventh generation Thunderbird and it still isn't my favorite generation of Thunderbird (that … Continue reading Seventh Gen Thunderbird: Nobody’s Favorite